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10 Vertical Gardens of the World you Can’t Believe Exist

March 19, 2021by juanchoxyz0

Vertical gardens seem to be a trend that is starting to become mainstream in the landscaping world. These are our favorite living walls…

Vertical gardens, also known as “green walls“, are one of the latest trends in sustainable architecture, which can be found in major cities around the world.

One of the main characteristics of this type of construction, invented by the French botanist Patrick Blanc, is that the plants grow on structures independent of the wall, which are attached to it.

Today, vertical gardens can be seen in the most diverse places. From the facade of a commercial building to inside a restaurant.

Each one of them is unique and inimitable and is a work of art in itself. Most importantly, they are also a source of oxygen production, refreshing the environment and helping to reduce CO2 levels.

In conclusion. these are the 10 most famous and impressive vertical gardens in the world.


1 – Musée du Quai Branly (France) one of the coolest vertical gardens

Several windows surrounded by different types of meadows. One of the Vertical gardens we love

Located in the heart of Paris next to the famous Eiffel Tower, this vertical garden designed by Blanc is famous worldwide. It is one of the great attractions of the French capital.

It consists of 15,000 plants belonging to more than 150 species.


2 – Max Juvenal Bridge (France)

bridge with a meadow on its walls with different paths between each other

In the southern town of Aix-en-Provence, Blanc created another garden on a 605 m2 wall. It is 15 meters high and consists of more than 20,000 plants. The botanists were personally selected for its design.


3 – Caixa Forum (Spain) one of the nicest vertical gardens

wall full of different meadows and one of the coolest Vertical gardens

It was inaugurated in 2008; designed by Herzog & de Meuron, it has become one of the green lungs of Madrid.

At 24 meters high, this wall contains more than 15,000 plants of 205 different species.


4 – Torre de Cristal (Spain)

interior wall of a building with a wall full of different meadows

In the tallest office building in Spain, you can also see an impressive vertical garden. It is considered the tallest in Europe.

And it is the work of César Pelli of the Blanc group.

Above all, it covers 600 m2 with 43 different species and rises 250 m above the Spanish capital.


5 – Edmonton International Airport (Canada). More vertical gardens like this

interior wall of a building with a wall full of different meadows. Great use for interior Vertical gardens

Passengers at the Alberta airport are pleasantly surprised to find a vertical garden that occupies 132 m2.

And with more than 8,000 plants that clean the air in the airport, while naturally refreshing it.


6 – Il Fiordaliso Shopping Center (Italy)

wall of a building with a door below

This is the largest vertical garden on the European continent and is located on the facade of a shopping center in the town of Rozzano, very close to the city of Milan.

In other words, it has a surface area of 1262 m2 and consists of more than 44,000 plants of 200 different species.


7 – Claustro de Sor Juana University (Mexico)

wall of a building forming paths with a bike hanging on it

Inaugurated in 2012 it is considered one of the most important vertical gardens in all of Latin America.

More than 250 species of native plants are in charge of covering its 400 m2.


8 – Siam Paragon (Thailand)

Several floors of a shopping mall with different lawns and bushes

The famous shopping mall in Bangkok, the Thai capital, is home to one of Blanc’s first creations. And, this is a beautiful vertical garden that the brilliant architect inaugurated in 2005.


9 – Galeries Lafayette (Germany)

Rear of a title of a place full of different meadows

In Berlin, the German capital, it is possible to appreciate a small but cozy outdoor vertical garden. And it is behind the sign that welcomes visitors to the Shopping Center.

Most importantly, the wall was designed by architect Alain Guigonis, Blanc’s collaborator.


10 – Restaurant “José Carlos García” (Spain)

wall of a restaurant with different types of bushes and meadows

In the city of Malaga, you can celebrate an event in an exclusive space called “120 PAX”. One of its walls is a vertical garden. It was designed by Architect Juan Carlos Rodriguez and it is composed of aromatic and edible plants of the area.

To sum up, the chefs use them in the preparation of their exquisite dishes.

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