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25 Must-Have Tools to Work in your Garden more Easily

August 13, 2021by juanchoxyz0

The 25 tools to work in your garden that can never be missing to do the maintenance tasks of our patios, terraces, and green spaces.

A maxim that I have always tried to put into practice in any aspect of my life, both at work and professionally, says: “you must have the right tools to do the job properly”. And these tools to work in your garden are perfect for this challenge.

Even if you are a mere amateur or a professional in the sector, having a basic kit with the right tools is essential.

Today you are going to see the 25 essential tools for gardens we recommend to carry out our maintenance work.

The list we offer below is made based on our experience and work done.


1 – Shovel

A shovel is one of the most basic tools to work in your garden

Depending on the volume of soil to be moved, there are hand shovels, short-handled shovels, and long-handled shovels.


2 – Rake

As with the shovel, you have several models of rakes depending on our needs. Its main use is to break the superficial layers of soil.


3 – Pruning shears | One of our favorite tools to work in your garden

Pruning shears are very essential tools to work in your garden

With shears is possible to prune from pieces in pots to thin branches of trees.

There are manual and pneumatic shears, more oriented towards fruit tree pruning.

The maintenance of the blade is essential for proper pruning.


4. – Brooms

Cleaning has to be an important part of your work. For that reason, you need to have a suitable broom to clean out there.


5 – Sprayer

Sprayers are very useful tools to work in your garden

With a sprayer, you can carry out irrigations with a nebulization effect in pots and planters. Also, you can make small localized phytosanitary applications on specific plants.


6 – Weed remover blades

Using weed remover blades, you can easily remove moss and weeds without making your back suffer.


7 – Watering can | One of the most useful tools to work in your garden

A watering can is one of the neccesary tools to work in your garden

A watering can help you irrigate those places where you do not have an automated irrigation system. Especially, for pots and planters.


8 – Manual lawn mower

With a manual lawn mower, you can cut the grass of your garden and other surfaces.


9 – Hose | Tools to work in your garden

The tools to work in your garden will never be complete without a hose

With a hose, you can make more abundant irrigations. On the other hand, if you have irregular water distribution and if the surface allows it, it is advisable to install an automatic irrigation system.


10 – Digging fork

A digging fork tool allows you to perforate the upper layers of the lawn areas to improve its aeration.


11 – Hoe | One of the best tools to work in your garden

Work with pleasure with a hoe, one of the tools to work in your garden to work more easily

This tool is very versatile, it allows you to remove weeds, to make ridges and tree surrounds. It is a piece of equipment you have to have.


12 – Backpack phytosanitary

With these backpacks, you can carry out the phytosanitary treatments and applications of authorized herbicides in your plot.


13 – Composter

By using a composter, you can reuse the plant material from pruning by reconverting it into enriched substrate.


14 – Saw

A saw is suitable for pruning medium-sized branches. After pruning, it is recommended to use sealing rubber to avoid infections.


15 – Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a well-known tool we can use to transport soil or plant debris around our plot.


16 – Hedge trimmer | One of the most “niche” tools to work in your garden

A hedge trimmer is a very useful specialized tool for topiary pruning and making those cool shapes we want in our garden.


17 – Brush cutter

A brush cutter is a perfect tool for trimming edges and removing weeds.


18 – Leaf blower

The loud and powerful leaf blower is a machine you can use to pile up fallen leaves for later removal.


19 – Chainsaw



A chainsaw is the ultimate tool for pruning larger pieces and branches in your garden. After pruning, we recommend the use of sealing rubber bands to avoid infections.


20 – Motor mower | One of the most fun tools to work in your garden

A motor-powered mower is ideal for taking care of large lawns.


21 – Protective gloves

A glove is a piece of personal protective equipment intended to fully or partially protect your hand. It can also partially or totally cover the forearm and arm.


22 – Safety goggles

Safety goggles are of particular importance to avoid contact with all kinds of shavings or other objects that can hurt our eyes.


23 – Harnesses for working at heights

This is one of the tools to work in your garden that you think you don´t need but you really do

A safety harness is a piece of personal protective equipment used in certain work at heights whose main purpose is to safeguard the well-being of the worker or persons involved in the work.


24 – Helmets | One of the tools to work in your garden that can save you

You should really use a helmet to protect your head against falling objects.


25 – Earmuffs

Easrmuffs protect your hearing, that´s why you don´t think of them as tools to work in your garden

Belonging to the family of individual noise protectors like disposable earplugs and molded earplugs, the noise-cancelling headphones are worn on the ears and are connected to each other by a headband on the user’s head.


Photo by Boris Debusscher on Unsplash

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